Monday, August 20, 2007

On the topic of capital punishment, I've always teetered on the fence of indecision, often falling in a gray area that never fully eases my conscience. I've never lost sleep over the execution of perpetrators who commit heinous crimes, especially crimes against children. On the other hand, I've lost many hours of sleep over the fact that many on death row have been exonerated through DNA testing, leading me to believe the obvious - that our justice system is terribly flawed.

Many high profile death row cases come and go along with petitions to sign "this" and petitions to sign "that." Everybody's innocent and/or have "found god." I've rarely been moved because I'd heard it all before or, at least, I thought so until recently when the name Kenneth Foster, Jr., and a certain law, known as the Texas Law of Parties, collided in my head like a missile targeting my senses.

Foster is scheduled to be executed in Texas on August 30, which is less than two weeks away despite the fact that he did NOT kill anyone. The prosecution, the defense, witnesses, investigators, etc., are all in agreement on this. He was riding in the same car with the murderer, yet was eighty feet away when the murder occurred. The Texas Law of Parties Statute, however, allows "the jury to return a capital murder verdict of guilty if it merely believes that one acted only in furtherance of a non-capital offense, without any requirement that there be intent to kill." In short, you can get the "chair" for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is FOOLISH and the potential for abuse of this law is absolutely frightening. I've never been one to push causes I believe in on other people, but an innocent man's life is at stake - a man who has truly and without question been railroaded by the system. Time is running out. Please visit for more information.

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