Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The economic stimulus plan that President Obama is pushing comes with a price tag of approximately $850 billion. The problem with government spending is much the same with giving a teenager(or companies asking for a bailout) money with no strings attached - it's a reckless adventure. When you actually have to earn money and pay your own way, you become much more frugal with your spending. This $850 billion will be thrown out with absolutely no oversight because it's not the government's money - it's taxpayers - and digging yourself a hole to get out of a hole may work in the short term, but it ultimately screws us in the end. When you spend more than you take in, you create debts that accumulate interest which ends up strangling the same economy that you say you are trying to fix. It doesn't work for us common individuals, therefore it shouldn't be the model for government. Every Republican in the House voted against the president's stimulus plan - all 177 of them - as well they should, but where were these same Republicans when W. was running up an $11.5 trillion tab during his eight years in office? When it comes to spending and partisanship, there's really not much difference between Democrats and Republicans and that's not very stimulating, to say the least.

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