Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Life Throws Me Lemons, Dan Deacon Makes Lemonade

I have been bemoaning the fact lately that, as I get older, I am running out of bands and artists to see who I haven't already seen before. And, yet, the dark clouds parted today with the news on pitchfork that three acts of which I have seen before on separate occassions - Dan Deacon, No Age, and Deerhunter - will share the same stage all at once while alternating songs on a dream tour that will come together this summer. I'm pretty sure they will make a stop in Austin(dates have yet to be announced), but where in the hell they will fit all these folks on one stage is beyond me. Regardless, this is the tour I'm most anticipating this year. Hopefully, this sort of creative touring experiment will spread and open up a whole new world of concert enjoyment for me.

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