Friday, December 25, 2009


If the Academy Awards committee decides to come up with a new category for most bizarre, fucked-up film of the year, I assure you that Lars von Trier's Antichrist will win in a landslide. I never, ever want to see this movie again.

I went into this movie last night without a clue as to what it was about. The only other movie that I've seen from von Trier was Dancer In The Dark starring Bjork which I thought was a great film. My brain was not really prepared for what I saw last night. Von Trier has been accused of misogyny in his movies and with this film he said that he was going through a deep depression during its creation. Whatever. I didn't pay 7 bucks to psychoanalyze the guy - I went to watch a movie. I'm not easily shocked or offended but I am squeamish and easily annoyed. I did not enjoy this film. If the job of art is to provoke - victory is yours, Lars.

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