Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shelby Lynne

I can't imagine a better, more intimate setting to hear music in Austin than St. David's Episcopal Church. The Cactus Cafe is a close second, but the high wooden ceilings, dim lighting, acoustics, as well as the view of downtown from behind the small stage all make for a great listening experience at the downtown church.

Tonight's main attraction was the soulful, country-blues of Shelby Lynne and she didn't disappoint. Like her younger sister, Allison Moorer, Lynne rarely gets the recognition she deserves because she doesn't fit a particular niche, but she can write the blues with the best of them because she's lived it. Her father was an abusive alcoholic who eventually killed her mother before turning the gun on himself when Shelby was growing up in Alabama. "You can't write a real record and fake it," Lynne said tonight between songs. "I couldn't fake it if I tried. I've lived this." She certainly has and she conveys it well.

Her latest album Tears, Lies, and Alibis was released last month and though it's her 11th album, it's the first one on her own label, EVERSO records.


Jenny (too lazy to log in!) said...

Shelby Lynne AND Allison Moorer kick serious ass.

I am so jealous.

And I miss you, damnit. ;)

Jenny, again. said...

Allison Moorer's "The Hardest Part" is one of my absolute favorite cds.

Do you have it?

PopCultureJihad said...

I have never heard "The Hardest Part" but now I must obtain it because I absolutely love Allison Moorer. Have you heard her latest album "Crows"? It is amazing. Those two send chills up my spine with their music.

I miss you more, damnit!(The Festiva misses you too)

Jenny...still too lazy to login said...

So, apologies for my slackitude.

I have not heard "Crows", and I am on a mission to find that cd...tomorrow. :)

That conversation the other night was epic. As always. Ha!

PopCultureJihad said...

My hangover the next day was pretty epic, too. ;)

I can send you "Crows" if you like. Just let me know.

P.S. Shelby and Allison need to go on tour together.