Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Mosque

"The Ground Zero mosque is all about conquest and thus an assertion of Islamist triumphalism which we should not tolerate. It is simply grotesque to erect a mosque at the site of the most visible and powerful symbol of the horrible consequences of radical Islamist ideology."
-Newt Gingrich

The proposed building of a mosque two blocks away from ground zero in New York City is creating a controversy that highlights the paranoia that many in this country refuse to let go of. There are approximately 1 billion muslims in the world today and the group responsible for these attacks - al-qaida - represents way less than 1% of the total muslim population. It's the equivalent of refusing the construction of catholic churches around the site of the Oklahoma City federal building that was bombed in 1995 because the perpetrator - Timothy McVeigh - was a catholic. There are 800,000 muslims living in New York City. How many of those have carried out attacks on New York so far? Would it kill anyone to educate themselves about topics that affect our world rather than cave-in to this anti-muslim paranoia witch hunt that is suffocating civil debate?

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