Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grumpy Old Man Monday

Grumpy Old Man Monday, Act 1
Last night, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go see a band called Cut Copy at Emo's. I wasn't really that familiar with their music, but I had heard of them as they are currently a pretty hyped band. As I drove towards Emo's, I found a nice parking spot and what do you know? - a homeless guy steps forward and guides me into the parking spot as though I'd never done this a billion times before. "I don't have any money," I instantly exclaim as I get out of my car. "Just give me fifty cents or something," he replies.
"For what?!"
"For parking your car."
Grrrrrrr. Can I find one fucking parking spot in this town without a homeless guy taking credit for it? Why don't I just hire someone to tell me where my kitchen is whenever I get hungry.

Grumpy Old Man Monday, Act 2
Cut Copy. As I get older, I have come to realize that just because I don't like someone's music, it doesn't necessarily mean that it sucks. It's just a difference of opinion. Having said that, I tried with Cut Copy...I really did, but heavily 80's influenced dance music just isn't my cup of tea. And sweat drenched kids dancing is one thing, but a towering guy thrusting his man sausage towards my stomach was the breaking point. Not to mention the fact that I thought I was going to get beat up by the dance nazis for not dancing.
Double grrrrrr.


NYJenny;) said...

I am still coming to hang out with you someday.....we can be grumpy together.

man sausage.....ha ha.

PopCultureJihad said...

Just give me a little advance notice before you come so I can wash and detail the Festiva.

Jenny said...

You would waRsh the Festive Festiva just for me?

PopCultureJihad said...