Friday, August 29, 2008

Chinese Democracy Indeed

Five FBI agents recently arrested blogger Kevin Cogill(aka Skwerl) at his Culver City, California apartment for posting on his blog - - nine leaked songs from the never-ending saga that is Chinese Democracy - the Guns N' Roses album which is roughly fifteen years(and counting) in the making.

As a piracy advocate and participant, you would think that I would have little sympathy for GNR frontman, Axl Rose, in this case, but I do. Cogill contends that if the album is good - which he believes it is - it would do well financially, in spite of any leaks. The financial aspect, however, is irrelevant to me. I just simply believe that the artist should be able to, at least, have control over their work before it is released.

Do I want Cogill to "rot in jail" as former Guns N' Roses guitarist, Slash, has advocated? Of course not. Is it really necessary for five FBI agents to take Cogill down? I mean, come on. Regardless, if Axl feels he needs twenty more years to complete his "masterpiece in progress" without it being released, I believe he should ultimately have control over that decision.

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