Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wilco(the album)

Yes, I know I've already blogged about Wilco's latest album entitled, Wilco(the album), but upon further listening I can honestly say that it's going to take one hell of an album to dethrone it as my favorite of this year. The mark of a great album is usually one in which you don't skip over any songs and there's not one song on here that is lacking. It has all the makings of a classic. How Jeff Tweedy and company make it look so easy is beyond me, but they do. This album is full of good, catchy pop songs that will never see the light of day on radio. With the cult status that Wilco enjoys, I'm pretty sure that they could care less.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that you meant to end this post with "could not care less" but I could be wrong because perhaps Wilco the band dislikes the thought of their music not being broadcast more.

PopCultureJihad said...

You placed doubt in my mind, so I had to look it up and you are right, sort of...apparently, people use the phrase in the way that I meant to write it, but it is technically wrong -

'Clich├ęs are especially prone to scrambling because they become meaningless through overuse. In this case an expression which originally meant “it would be impossible for me to care less than I do because I do not care at all” is rendered senseless by being transformed into the now-common “I could care less.” Think about it: if you could care less, that means you care some. The original already drips sarcasm, so it’s pointless to argue that the newer version is “ironic.” People who misuse this phrase are just being careless.'

Anyway, thanks for pointing that out as I am very OCD about mistakes in my writing. :)