Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Health Care

Medicaid is a government-provided health insurance program for low-income individuals. It's free so it falls under the category of that dreaded and often criticized word we call "welfare." My mother is on Medicaid and, without it, we would be lost as I'm sure many others who are on Medicaid would be as well. So, when President Obama spoke tonight about his proposed health care plan, it would certainly seem hypocritical for me not to support it, but I simply cannot.

While I'm very thankful of the safety net that is supporting my mother, Medicaid itself is a broken program that is draining state budgets and, much like Social Security, is fading quickly into the abyss of insolvency. How can I have any faith in a newly proposed government-run health care program when the other ones are falling apart? Fix Medicare. Fix Medicaid. Fix Social Security. Fix the national debt that's over 10 trillion dollars, but please don't tell me you can fix a roof when yours is leaking.

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