Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Audacity of Hope

Many in the Western world would associate the term "terrorist" with someone of Arab descent. And rarely would we say that a "terrorist" is simply engaging in self-defense. Besides, self-defense is what "civilized" people engage in, right? When the World Trade Center buildings were attacked on 9/11, nobody in their right mind would deny that the United States had the right to defend itself. And, yet, the Israeli government continues, as it has for decades now, the illegal demolition of houses belonging to innocent Palestinian families for no other reason than to make room for more Israeli settlers. And when the Palestinians, who don't have a military to defend themselves, conduct suicide bombings, we label them as senseless, savage murderers. And the United States, who has the power to stop Israel's gross misconduct, sits idly by as it happens. Why? Because one group has a strong financial lobbying presence in our government while the other one doesn't.

But that was all supposed to change once we cleared the White House of "old, white guys." But it's not about youth or race or different experiences you may bring to the table. It's about power and holding on to that power. And while Barak Obama talks a good game, he exhibits the same spineless caution towards Israel's reckless behavior as his predecessors did because he knows that it is political suicide to do otherwise. So much for hope.

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