Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Dont Like This Yes I Do

There are two concerts from this decade that I went into with low expectations and came out with a different perspective. You see, I have a bad habit of easily dismissing things after hearing one or two songs and labeling things as something that it isn't.

Item #1 - Matt & Kim @Mohawks
I thought this was a little too cutesy and upbeat for my tastes upon hearing them. Live, however, I got two intoxicated individuals thoroughly enjoying themselves and entertaining me, as well as the crowd, in the process. This cranky guy is not easily entertained, so kudos to you Matt & Kim.

Item #2 - Crystal Castles @La Zona Rosa
Turn that damn video game off and give that girl some ritalin! Crystal Castles was a chaotic show with a punk element to it which is an easy way to win me over. I was thoroughly mesmerized by their performance and it made me an instant fan. Alice Glass is quite a dynamic lead singer.

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