Friday, April 30, 2010

Kick Ass!

Kick Ass - I had this film pegged as a sort of cute kids become superheroes who kick some adult butt all the while saying cutsie things for a good, wholesome laugh. Soooooo, why was this film Rated R? I had to find out. Well, this movie went above and beyond my expectations. Kick Ass is the nerdy superhero alter-ego of Dave Lizewski played by actor Aaron Johnson. When you go to see a movie entitled Batman, you expect Batman to be the badass of the show. Same for Superman. Well, Kick Ass is nowhere close. The character known as Hit-Girl, played by Chole Moretz, ABSOLUTELY steals the show. This pint-sized, potty-mouthed, vigilante is one of the most memorable characters I've seen in quite some time. Step aside Uma Thurman, Hit-Girl is the real deal! Excellent movie!

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