Thursday, October 16, 2008


Amid the presidential debates, I keep hearing over and over again about the necessity of protecting Israel from Iran because Iran's president - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - said that Israel should be "wiped off the map."

Israel is about the size of New Jersey and within Israel is Palestine. Palestinians are the most sympathized group of individuals within the Arab world. If Iran were to lob a nuke at Israel, it would most certainly wipe out Palestine as well, and no matter how much hatred the leaders of Iran have for Israel, they simply would NEVER entertain the thought of wiping out Palestine.

Secondly, Israel already has "the bomb" and I'm quite certain that Iran is fully aware that they would be "wiped off the map" as well, in retaliation. It's a lose/lose situation for Iran.

If Bin-Ladin, himself, had nukes, I seriously doubt that he would lob them at Israel because of Palestine. If anything, the United States should open up diplomatic relations with Iran because Iran and Al-Qaida hate one another. Strategically, it would benefit us. The common misconception, unfortunately, is that Muslims are united in their support for Bin-Ladin and other such terrorists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Is it too much to ask of politicians to make an attempt to study the various cultures of the world before they decide to make policies that affect us all?


Jenny said...

Speaking of stupid people...

Muslims are united and they love Bin-Ladin.....and Obama is a Muslim, so that means he loves Bin Laden.

Fucking uneducated morons. I was just ranting to someone about this the other day.

WTF happened to natural selection?

Jenny said...

I probably should have put that in quotes just in case one of those stupids reads your blog....

PopCultureJihad said...

Barack Hussein Obama. Thanks mom and dad. Would it have killed you to name me Bob.
Did you ever check out "Idiocracy"? You HAVE to see it.

Jenny said...


I did.

On your recommendation!!

I think I watched it on youtube! LOL

Oh, and I think Barack is a better name for him than "Barry"

Jenny said...

So, I really wanted to post more on my new blog, but i have had NO motivation to do so.

then I noticed that you and I both posted on the same day the last time.

Bunch of slackers anyway.


PopCultureJihad said...

Email me your new address. I'm going to send you some music. Whiskeytown? Hmmm?