Saturday, October 25, 2008


It's no secret that I am an Obama supporter, but I've never seen a candidate get his ass kissed by the mainstream media as much as Obama has. It only lends credibility to the notion, claimed by the ridiculously right-winged news operation known as Fox as well as other conservatives, that the mainstream media has a liberal bias. Add to the fact that Oprah refuses to have Palin on her show; everyone makes fun of McCain/Palin, but has handled Obama with kid gloves; the entertainment world's obsession with Obama...and you have what I would call a classic case of elitism. Regardless of who wins, I am sick of this campaign. I'm ready for it to be done with.


Jenny said...

WOMBAT: Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time!

Jenny said...

I guess I should leave a real comment here.

I am not an Obama supporter, but I am also not a Palin fan. I have to wonder wtf they were thinking? I can''t even stand listening to her! She is so hokey sounding! (That is not the only reason I don't like her, I am not that shallow.)

And Oprah. It pisses me off that people make political decisions based on what celebrities think. Granted, I think Oprah has a bit more credibility than Hayden Panettierre or Lindsay Hohan who can't seem to shut up about politics. ugh.

I too am ready for this shiz to be OVER!