Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Runaways

When it comes down to bands or artists being portrayed on film, there are very few movies that do a commendable job. Documentaries, in my opinion, seem to fill that niche better. The Runaways based on the actual teenage, all-girl rock band out of L.A., however, is that rare exception.

Formed in late 1975, by rhythm guitarist Joan Jett and drummer Sandy West, the Runaways would eventually include lead guitarist Lita Ford, bassist Ann Boleyn, and lead singer Cherie Curie. And as far as their influence goes, I would have to say that it speaks for itself - I mean, how many girl-fronted rock groups can you name prior to The Runaways?

I highly recommend this film. The acting all around was stellar, but none better than Michael Shannon's portrayal of the sleazy, teen-exploiting manager of the Runaways - Kim Fowley. The Runaways finally get their due.

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