Monday, March 29, 2010


Erykah Badu is stirring up controversy with her latest video entitled "Window Seat" in which she pulls up in Dealy Plaza - the site of the JFK assassination - and strips naked. A shot rings out and she falls to the ground while blue ink seeps from her head.

According to The Dallas Morning News, city of Dallas spokesman Frank Librio says that Badu should have gotten a permit before filming it. "All commercial film/video or photo shoot projects must be permitted through the City of Dallas Office of Special Events/Film Coordinators," Librio said in a written statement. "The production company that produced this video never contacted the city to seek the proper permits. This is known as 'guerrilla filming' where production companies circumvent the proper permitting procedures and usually shoot these scenes in one take, knowing that if they are discovered they would face arrest and/or penalties."

The Dallas Morning News also reported that Lindalyn Adams, a longtime civic volunteer, is horrified. "I don’t understand how someone who lives here, who is a resident of this city, could do such a thing,” she said of Badu.

a)If Badu's "guerrilla filming" has the city of Dallas upset, I'm guessing they haven't looked at youtube lately.

b)Bad taste??? There's an "x" that marks the spot in the middle of the street where this guy's brains splattered. People take pictures on this "x" while nearly getting hit by oncoming traffic.

c)The city of Dallas is still sensitive to this? Why?? It was damn near half a century ago. Did the whole city of Dallas get together in 1963 and decide that they needed to knock that uppity yank President from his perch? Let it go. Plus, this guy banged Marilyn Monroe while shooting up amphetamines in the White House as he hung out with his pal Frank Sinatra. Don't feel bad for JKF. This guy had a good run. The party's got to end some time.

d)This song is the jam!!

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