Saturday, March 20, 2010

SXSW Day 3

I'm hungover from the night before and I just can't get moving to go see any day shows. I basically loaf around my apartment until night time and then head downtown to the Dirty Dog Bar to see Hole. I get there at 9pm and Hole doesn't go on until 1am. Leaving is not an option because the place is starting to get full. The bands I had to sift through before Hole were absolutely atrocious, except for Foxy Shazam who went on right before Hole. Wow. I doubt you will find a more entertaining frontman than this guy among the bazillion bands that are here in Austin right now. Bantering between songs tends to get on my nerves, but with Foxy Shazam, you wanted more. The buildup for Hole was wild. Sound guys couldn't seem to get anything right all night. The security at the Dirty Dog were on pins and needles. You would have thought Obama was about to arrive. The young lady next to me asks if I'm here for the spectacle of it all. Yes, I am. I need this. I can't take another overhyped, uninteresting band or artist from Brooklyn. Brooklyn this. Brooklyn that. Courtney Love is interesting whether you like her or not and she's written some damn good songs even if she couldn't remember how to play some of them last night. Her set was still great and, when it was over, she crowd surfed all the way to the back bar and ordered a drink.

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