Friday, March 19, 2010

SXSW Day 2

I start the day at Club Deville hoping to catch Vivian Girls and Liars before I make my way to see Roky Erickson at Threadgills. It looks like its going to be a scheduling conflict. I stick around and see Surfer Blood which really wasn't my cup of tea. Realizing that Vivian Girls and Liars aren't going to work out with my schedule, I head over to Emo's Annex thinking that Jeff the Brotherhood are playing there, which they were, but they had already played. I stuck around for a few songs by Besnard Lakes and realized I had to start making my way to Threadgills. A friend calls and says Jeff the Brotherhood are playing miles away, so I hoof it hoping if I walk fast enough I can make it...not a chance. I stop a guy in a purple Impala and ask him if he can run me up there which he does and I get to see Jeff the Brotherhood at Pie Guy's Pizza. They are either hungover or uninspired. There's no energy whatsoever in the band or the crowd. Friends drop me off at Threadgills and I get to see the great J Mascis' new band, Sweet Apple. They were awesome as was their frontman, John Petkovick. Following Sweet Apple was the true star of the show, Roky Erickson, who was backed by fellow Austinites Okkervil River. It was an excellent show, of course. I then head over to Lambert's to see Marina and the Diamonds. I'm there way too early and I have to sit through bands I'm really not interested in. Same friends who dropped me off at Threadgills show and say they are going to see Stone Temple Pilots around the corner at the Austin Music Hall. Marina and the Diamonds doesn't go on for another couple of hours so why not. Why not? It's the Austin Music Hall - my least favorite venue in Austin. The show was packed and STP were entertaining, none the less. I head back over to Lamberts only to find that they are only letting people with badges into the show. Fuck. The only thing left to see with the night winding down to a close is Roky Erickson once again at La Zona Rosa which is also around the corner. I enter La Zona Rosa wondering why so many people are here to listen to a Kinks cover band. Probably because the singer is Kinks' lead singer, Ray Davies. Pretty awesome. Okkervil River takes a long time with sound check. However, the show is still great and thus ends Day 2 of South by Southwest.

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